We are able to work at the client’s site or in our office.

In order to offer a pratical and complete solution to our customers on CAD related tasks, RS Group has created a structure to perform activities, where professionals do not need to be collocated at the client’s site, as follows:

  •  Product Development,
  • 3D modeling and 3D & 2D changes/modifications,
  • Assembly and interferences studies using CAD tools,
  • CAD Files conversion,
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA),
  • Kinematics development and studies,
  • Dimensional analysis and tolerances, applying GD&T and other tools.


Our Manufacturing Engineering department is capable to develop and build fixtures, tools, special machines and other mechanical devices for the production process. The development is made by experienced professionals using CAD as a main tool, working with 3D models, providing a reliable solution.

Our Structure offers:

  • Catia V5, Auto CAD, Microstation, Delmia;
  • Unigraphics NX workstations;
  • Experienced professionals with reliable and fast interface with the customer;
  • Partners for constructions, building and commissioning of solutions, from early Project up to acceptance, final try- out.


  • By acting on several Market segments, RS Group is a great provider of solutions for fixtures.
  • The design follows all customers’ rules and guidelines, with special attention to ergonomics of the operators.
  • Some examples of fixtures developed by RS Group: Gauges, milling, soldering, control assembly, among others.

Also, experienced professionals are available to design tools for specific operations, like:

  •  cut;
  • Bend;
  • Riveting;
  • Touch-up;
  • Calibration.


Among our solutions for production processes, we are able to verify injection MOLDING tools development:

  • Thermo Plastics and light alloy Injection;
  • Sand casting;
  • Iron forging;
  • Injection simulation using “Moldex3D” tools;
  • Experienced professionals in molds and tools.

With large assembly line automation projects, RS Group gathered know how by working with large companies.

  • Aerial lines;
  • Transfer stations;
  • Carts;
  • Assembly lines.

2D & 3D Layout:

Manufacturing line simulation (2D&3D) allows verification of potential production constraints, eventual problems with the number of line operators and other importante data, along the line project phase.

Auxiliary Manufacturing Line Equipment:

We are capable to design and develop auxiliary manufacturing line equipment.

  • Special machines;
  • Transfer carts (Kanban) and parts bin/storage;
  • Transporters;
  • Elevators;
  • Transfer tables.


RS Group offers a complete solution to support all the activities in the Industry, from concept to production release providing specialized professionals.